We are a small, capable crew of Red Seal Sheet Metal Workers and registered apprentices with a passion for our trade.  We think of metal as a liquid that can be molded and shaped to our needs and we enjoy the challenges when it seems impossible to make the ductwork fit.  

We have a diverse range of experience and are able to take on projects such as residential, offices, commercial kitchens and more.  And of course, we don't just buy our ductwork and hope to make stock items fit... we make it in house to the specifications required.

The Crew

Keith Funk-Froese

President & Co-owner - Journeyman Sheet Metal Worker

Glen Burr

Third Year Sheet Metal Apprentice

Claire Boning


Christie Funk-Froese

Accounts & Co-owner





Metal is our medium, comfort is our product.


1362 Spruce Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3E 2V7